Innovative development of resistors for use in any solutions for space heating and water heating


ALMAZ TERM is working hard to create incredibly innovative technologies for heating water and heating residential and commercial premises. Non-induction heating elements (resistors) using a diamond-like film, in fact, make ALMAZ TERM one of the best tankless water heaters on the market.

ALMAZ TERM is a leading brand of commercial and non-tank water heaters in the CIS and Europe. The provision of services and a quality product at the local level ensures timely response and a reliable supply chain for residential and commercial properties.

Today, the activities of ALMAZ TERM continue to expand. In Odessa, there was the first factory for the manufacture and deposition of resistors, and in 2018, we opened our factory in Kiev for the assembly of water heaters without tanks and radiators. By 2020, ALMAZ TERM will have its fully integrated production facility in Kiev for the production of tankless water heaters and radiators.

We are fully customer-oriented, based on the principle that “our profit depends on the quality of our products.” We guarantee that our product is “safe”, “effective”, “environmentally friendly” and “comfortable”.

We strive to improve people’s lives by developing the know-how of technologies that allow us to combine the harmony of “heating” and “lifestyle”.

Comfort and efficiency

Products from ALMAZ TERM will improve the life of your family if you need endless supply of hot years and efficient heating of the house. All products are certified and supported by patents.


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