Innovative development of resistors for use in any heating solution and water heating

High-tech boilers from ALMAZ TERM

The perfect combination of reliability, technology and performance in one compact device. It will satisfy your home heating needs alone or in combination for home heating and water heating.


The required boiler capacity is 50% less than in the heating element


2 times energy savings compared to the heating element


Connection and control from any device via WIFI.

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flowing boilers from ALMAZ TERM

No need for new communications

Existing water heating systems may crash into the pipeline


Automatic task of room temperature, schedule of its change night / day / day / working / non-working / week / month


Passed by complete immersion in water when turned on, water resistance class A1, for swimming pools

8 year warranty

Unique boiler warranty period

Easy to maintain

No special skills required

Remote control

Connection and control from any device via WIFI.


The design eliminates any fire hazard.


60 x 60 x 65 mm
60 x 60 x 115 mm
60 x 60 x 145 mm


Rated power from 4 kW to 12 kW, or any power in cascade

more effective
happy customers

Autonomous heating solution for private houses and apartments

Highly efficient electric boilers to help you reduce your energy bills. An innovative, patented resistor is used as a heating element.

Field of application


Apartment buildings

Private houses

Industrial heating



The rising cost of energy resources and the significant potential of their savings make the problem of energy saving for consumers more and more relevant. Currently, heat supply to about 80% of the city fund of Ukraine is provided from centralized sources. Operation of heating networks is accompanied by unavoidable heat losses from external cooling in the amount of 12-50% of heat capacity (standard value of 5%). A significant excess of regulatory losses is associated with a high degree of wear of the equipment of centralized heat supply systems and, especially, heating networks, up to 70% or more. Therefore, heat networks are the most unreliable element of the district heating system, which accounts for more than 85% of failures in the system as a whole. The unsatisfactory condition of the thermal and hydraulic insulation of the pipes, the wear and poor quality of the installation and operation of the heating network equipment is reflected in the accident statistics. Against this background, the position of decentralized (autonomous) heat supply is more and more confident, to which autonomous heating and hot water supply systems should be attributed. Having switched his apartment to autonomous heating, the consumer ceases to pay for the very low-quality central heating, which makes up about 50% of the rent. Therefore, the costs of arranging autonomous heating can be considered as long-term investments, which are monthly returned to the consumer as dividends in the form of a reduction in payment for comfortable heating.

Recently, interest in autonomous systems and heat sources in the construction industry has also increased, largely due to the financial condition and investment and credit policy in the country, since the construction of a centralized heat supply system requires the investor to make significant one-time capital investments in a source, heating networks and internal systems of the building, and with an indefinite payback period or practically on an irrevocable basis. With decentralization, it is possible to achieve not only a reduction in capital investments due to the lack of heating networks, but also shift the costs to the cost of housing (i.e., to the consumer). It is this factor in recent times that has determined the increased interest in decentralized heat supply systems for developers. The organization of autonomous heat supply allows the reconstruction of facilities in urban areas of old and dense buildings in the absence of free capacity in centralized systems.

Intelligent heating systems “ALMAZ-TERM” allow:

  • refuse domestic hot water pipelines (supply and circulation)

  • reduce the total heat load on heating and domestic hot water systems

  • reduce heat losses from pipelines

  • simplify the organization of heat and hot water metering

  • ensure the isolation of apartment systems (allows the owner to carry out their reconstruction, as well as to set comfortable indoor air parameters and hot water temperature)

    ALMAZ-TERM Scientific and Production Complex offers decentralization solutions at the modern level, based on highly efficient heating systems for rooms and running water – ALMAZ-TERM Intelligent Heating Systems can fully satisfy the needs of the most demanding client. This system is an alternative to heating systems in apartment buildings, cottages, cottages, industrial premises. This system involves the use of special heating modules, which can crash into the piping of an existing water heating system or can be supplied completely complete with radiators. The number of modules is typed into the system calculated, depending on the volume of the heated room – one 6-kWt module is able to heat about 200 cubic meters of the room and bring the temperature in it to 20 ° C in winter. The system can be connected to water heated floors, walls, ceilings. IHS “ALMAZ-TERM” is fully automated, for its installation it is not necessary to lay additional pipes. The system allows you to set the required temperature in the room and the schedule for its change at night, day, working and non-working hours, for example, during the day, week, month. The room is heated by the most affordable coolant – water.

Модель электрокотлаРекомендуемая отапливаемая площадь, м2Номинальная мощность, кВтНоминальное напряжение, В
AT-1-4до 704220

Comparative analysis of operating costs on the example of an apartment / house *

Технические характеристикиALMAZ TERMЭлектрический бойлер ТЭНГазовый котёл
Отапливаемая площадь100 м2100 м2100 м2
Мощность установки6 кВт10 кВт10 кВт
Среднесуточный расход электроэнергии0,6 ÷ 2,0 кВт/ч5,0 кВт/ч
Среднесуточный расход электроэнергии0,75 м3/ч
Источник энергииЭлектричествоЭлектричествоПриродный газ
Расход энергии/газа за 30 дней (месяц)430 ÷ 1 440 кВт3 600 кВт540 м3/4
Расход электроэнергии/газа за весь отопительный период (189 дней)2 700 ÷ 9 000 кВт/ч21600 кВт/ч 33420 м3

* Subject to proper thermal insulation at home


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