About technology

Almaz-Therm synthesizes alloyed diamond-like films with a nanostructure according to its own technology, which is the know-how of the company and receives diamond-like coatings in a wide temperature range, on various materials: metals, ceramics, glass, plastic materials. At the moment, our technology has formed the basis of a number of unique projects that in the near future can change the world for the better.

Origin history

Diamond-like films (diamond-like carbon, DLC – Diamond-like_carbon) were first obtained in the USA by plasma-chemical deposition of carbon. These films have a unique combination of physicochemical and mechanical properties close to diamond, which has determined broad prospects for the practical application of DLC films, in particular as multifunctional coatings.

Diamond-like coating properties

  • high hardness comparable to diamond hardness
  • low coefficient of friction
  • high wear resistance
  • chemical inertness
  • biocompatibility
  • infrared transparency
  • ecological cleanliness
  • strong adhesion of films to a sprayed surface
  • strong electrical resistance
    corrosion resistance
  • high thermal conductivity

Eco-friendly and biocompatible DLC coatings

Due to these properties, diamond-like DLC coatings have found their wide application for obtaining wear-resistant and environmentally friendly container coatings in the food industry.
Diamond-like coatings are also used in medicine for protective coatings of prostheses, heart valves, contact lenses compatible with living tissues. The application of DLC films on medical scalpels provides an improvement in the quality of processing – the tool cuts gently, without tearing, the surface is of high quality.

The use of DLC coatings in electronics

DLC doped films have properties that are specifically important for the needs of electronics and electrical engineering, such as:

  • low TCS from 10-6 −10-4 K-1;
    wide range of resistivity from 10-4 to 109 Ohm * cm;
  • high resistance to ultra-high current densities – more than 106 A / cm2;
  • high radiation resistance;
  • high uniformity, heat resistance and low noise.


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